Why password reuse isn't bad

If you're a security practitioner I guess this title grabbed your attention immediately. Because we all know that password reuse is a bad security practice and people shouldn't reuse passwords, right?

Damn right!

If you want to know why password reuse is a bad idea and why we should never recommend users to do so, I suggest you to read this blog I wrote previously.

But why the hell this title that states the opposite? Because I want to do a little experiment. I want to see if people actually read this article after I post it on social media or will just share it without reading. Or maybe they'll lose their mind after only reading the title and will start to lecture me or call me out. Yes, that happens on social media...

So I deliberately tried to create a clickbait kind of title with terrible security advice. I did this poll earlier today.

Whilst it might sound strange, only 49 percent says to always read an article that's linked to a tweet before sharing it.

But what if the article contains fake news, promotes extreme ideas or just isn't factual?

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This part is just here to make the article longer. If you don't read the entire article you might miss some very controversial things that you actually don't want to share.

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How you can help me with this experiment

I want to verify if the results from the poll are realistic. If you're still reading this you can help me. May I ask you 2 favors?

Please share this on twitter or other social media, preferably by quote tweeting/sharing my post and mentioning the hashtag that you should have found somewhere in this article. If not go and have a look ;).

In that way I know if you have read it or not. Can you also please click on this link, it is another way for me to know what percentage of people have read till the end.

If I get representative results I'll share them afterwards.

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