Independent Research shows that Ekkaned Pro routers significantly increase happiness

I could imagine that a poorly functioning router can cause some stress but I truly hope that there's no independent research done to investigate if and how much a particular brand of router will increase your happiness.

So yes, this is complete nonsense, made up by me.

It's another experiment to see how many people (and bots) will just retweet this article without even reading it after I post it on Twitter. I hate how much fake news, FUD and disinformation is spread on social media. Maybe for some people this will be a lesson to read before they share.

In case you didn't research it yet, there's no brand of routers called "Ekkaned Pro". I made that up. Can you figure out how I came up with this name? It's not so hard to discover ;).

John Opdenakker

John Opdenakker

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